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Name:dragonspam on dreamwidth
Website:Eggdrop Soup
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to post eggs and hatchlings from on dreamwidth
Welcome to the unofficial dragonspam community for users on dreamwidth! Instead of posting your eggs/hatchlings from to your dreamwidth journal, post here among other dragcave users who want your eggs and hatchlings to grow up just as badly as you do. Post your eggs/hatchlings here to get clicks, views, and unique views and watch them grow!

Membership is currently open to anyone with a dreamwidth account. Help keep it that way by reading and following rules (listed below). Otherwise, we'll need to switch to moderated only and we really don't want to do that!

1. Post Eggs/Hatchlings from only - this is a community and while we're interested in pixel pets, use other places to post your non-dc related sprites.
2. Post Eggs/Hatchlings only once a day OR once every 20 hours. If you are posting more than once a day or twice in a 20 hour period, you may become banned from the community.
3. All Eggs/Hatchlings must be behind a cut. If you do not know how to do a cut on, those familiar with lj should go here to find out how or just view the dreamwidth guide to making a cut found here. If you post your eggs/hatchlings outside of a cut, you are at risk for being banned from the community.
4. Exception to the cut rule: If you have a hatchling or egg that has less than 2 days to hatch/grow up, then it may be posted outside of a cut. These eggs and hatchlings are considered "emergency" eggs and hatchlings and need maximum views and clicks in order to grow.
5. You may not post Adult dragons. The larger images will cause lag and make clicking confusing. You may, however, link to your scroll.
6. If you want to post anything related to the dc that is not an egg, hatchling or scroll, you must first contact one of the admins here before posting to the community.
7. If your post violates any of these rules, a comment will be left for you and your post will be deleted. If your post is deleted and you don't know why, contact an admin. If your post is deleted you are allowed to repost as long as your new post follows the rules and corrects the problem in the first post.

1. This dreamwidth account is viewable to all age groups and that's the way we'd like to keep it. Please refrain from swearing or posting any inappropriate material. If your post violates these rules, an admin will delete it, siting the no-swearing rule.
2. To get clicks and views for your eggs and hatchlings, it is best to click and view other's dragons too. If you have enough time, leave a comment letting members know that you're clicking and viewing their eggs and hatchlings.
3. When commenting to an entry on dragonspam, do NOT post your scroll, eggs, hatchlings, or link backs to any site or post which contains these things. If you are caught repeatedly doing this, you may be banned.
4. Stay on topic. If you choose to post a few words along with your dragons, keep it on dragcave related topics and light topics only. Starting debates or philosophical discussions is discouraged.
5.'s terms of service does not allow for a member of dc to post someone else's eggs without their permission unless they have indicated to you that they would like to have assistance. Please adhere to these rules when posting other people's eggs or hatchlings to this community.
6. Because the dragcave's forums have limited information about eggs and hatchlings (how to get a specific egg, what the name of a new hatchling is), members here can only answer questions to the best of their knowledge. This is an egg/hatchling clicking community, not a question community. However, don't feel inhibited to ask if you have a question. Asking questions about the dc in every post made is discouraged, though. If you have questions about the inner-workings of the dc, try searching the forums or posting in a "help" topic rather than posting your questions here.

Helpful Tips:
*Use HTML rather than RichText. Also, BBCode will not work with this site. only HTML will.
*Make posts viewable by the public to maximize views.
*Leave friendly comments to other's posts letting them know you've clicked on their eggs/hatchlings to improve your views and clicks.
*Tell other dreamwidth users about this community. As the community grows, so will your eggs and hatchlings!

On Banning:
*Each member will be gently reminded of the rules and pointed to them when violating any of the rules. If rules are violated in a post, the post will be deleted.
*If the member repeatedly fails to follow the rules of posting to this community, they will be banned (usually after 3 failures).
*If you have been banned or have had your post removed and do not understand why, message an admin for clarification.
*The Admins are at liberty to ban insubordinate users. People who are caught registering multiple dreamwidth accounts, people who join and post links to a personal site or bannars will be automatically banned.

With that said, we really want this community to be as lax and casual as possible. We don't want to ban anyone and we don't want to cause any members to feel limited or be overly strict about the rules. But in order for this community to work, there does have to be rules.

*We are currently looking for 2 more admins. If you are interested in becoming an admin for dragspam on dreamwidth, message a current admin and you will be noted for admin status. Thank you!*

Affiliate site:
Eggdrop Soup - a no-registration needed, no hassle site for posting your eggs and hatchlings to optimize views and clicks.

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